Expert French Drain Installation in Knoxville and the Surrounding Areas

Prevent Excess Water on Your Property with a French Drain

Walking outside after a storm to find soggy grass and stagnant water in your yard can be rather irritating. Without proper drainage, these issues can occur and cause serious problems such as foundation damage and insect infestation. French drains are a great solution to prevent excess water on your property because they divert water away from your home and any problem areas where water is likely to pool. At Dirt Works of Knoxville, we offer professional French drain installation to help protect your lawn from water damage.

Rely on Professionals to Install Your French Drain

While you can find many do-it-yourself tutorials for French drain installation, we want to stress the importance of hiring professionals who have the right knowledge and equipment to handle the job. For a French drain to work correctly, you must have a trench with the proper slope. Our team of experts can dig your trench to be the correct depth and ensure it has the right slope for successful water drainage. You can count on our experience, expertise and top-of-the-line equipment to guarantee your French drain is installed correctly.

Our Service Area

We service Knoxville and the surrounding areas including Maryville, Oak Ridge, Clinton, Kingston, Sevierville, and beyond. We often travel up to 60 miles outside of the Knoxville area, and we are happy to discuss requests that require additional travel.

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